Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Progress

Last weekend I took a trip with the kids to see the progress of my future work space. Working out of my house is very tight when you deal with large pieces of furniture.
 Here we are on the outside of the workshop. The interior is broken down into sections for all of us who use the space. Scott gets the far roll up door (small one) for the auto shop, Gloria has an interior dance studio (under construction) and I have the large roll up door area.
 This is the interior, so far. Scott is standing in the soon to be dance studio. Across the hall is an office and bathroom.
 Behind the stairs is the office. Up the stairs is the storage for all of the stuff in the picture below. Minus the truck and the furniture hidden in that pile of boxes. I am embarrassed to say that we have collected so much stuff that no longer fits in the house, but we have and we are in the process of organizing, boxing and tagging all that is out there.
Hope this gives you an idea of what Azzurro Cancello will become in the near future. For now I will work on the few small pieces of furniture I have and the cards and jewelry that I will be adding to the sight very soon. I had a closet renovation to finished before I had a picture studio to photograph in. Now that that is done I have pictures of my latest line of greeting cards and gift envelopes.
Please stop by soon and check those out.