Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Did Have Something for Today

I had a really cute movie to post today, but it FAILED. GOD!!!! With the new internet that is 3 times faster than what we had I figured we could get some movies posted. I will post it tomorrow.

After the day I had, involving a big sister climbing into her baby brother's crib while he was playing with his mobile and rolling him over onto his tummy, covering him with his blanket and kicking him into the corner of the crib, I think I will curl up with my book (Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell) and have a beer.

Have a wonderful evening.

A picture of the Devil herself

and her sweet little brother

P.S. every one is ok, Scotty doesn't even have a bruise. But for some reason everytime Allison comes into the room he starts screaming... I wonder why????

Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Much...

Nothing exciting is going on here. Scott has been working 6 days a week, a real push to get a job done by the end of February. I have been baking lots of breads and cooking out of a new French cookbook my parents got me for my birthday (which by the way was Friday, I am now 33) called Around My French Table. Really great and easy recipes.

Scott & Scotty playing....

you guessed it Call of Duty.

Allison in her favorite red shoes and her "Vicky dress" after a character on Angelina Ballerina. She would wear this everyday if I let her.

I found this on Scotty's head after he and Allison were playing in the crib. Allison said she put it on him, a band aid.

Goofing off

I pulled out my wedding dress for Allison to play with. She thinks it's so fancy and loves to wear it.

Scotty looking SO cute. I have a pic of me when I was little just like this. I will have to pull it out and compare the two. I think he resembles me a little.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

4 Month Appointment

Scotty had his 4 month appointment today. Instead of going into all that stuff that happens at 4 months, I will tell you that he is average, 13 lbs and some ounces, 25% for height, he will be average - not a giant - and he is proportionate, oh and perfectly healthy.
I really know how to grow 'em.

It also marks the ever lovin' start of baby food. Rice cereal (which he is NOT a fan of), non citrus fruits and veggies. With the way he devours boob milk, food will be no problem.
Now he is not jumping into full meals here, just a taste here and there to get him used to using a spoon and accustomed to the texture and making sure we try something new once a week for allergy symptoms. This will be fun, I always love this part since I love food SO much, I am hoping he will too.

Allison did very well. She kept reassuring the Dr. that she was NOT there to get shots, but Scotty was. She got 2 stickers for being an awesome sister and told the Dr. that she has been using her potty.
In the last 2 weeks Allison has been successfully potty trained. She was ready. She knew that if she used it she would get treats (6 M&M's - one of each color - for pee, and 2 of each color for poop) worked like a charm. She now goes poop and pee in the little potty. Now it's time to switch to the big potty.
Once I get the tiny toilet seat and princess panties (her "prize" for using the big potty) then we can work on that. Until them she will use her little potty.

Oh, and one last thing, we get to start "training" Scotty to sleep through the night. I we are successful like we were with Allison, then you will see one happy and well rested mommy who can actually take a shower everyday and maybe wear something besides jeans and a tee shirt and maybe throw on some makeup. And maybe start exercising again.
BUT that all depends on how this "training" will go. Wish us luck!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now...

On Friday the rain finally cleared and we were able to venture outside for some much needed fresh air and exercise.

Allison ran around the car about a million times

Played with Scotty

Climbed the crepe myrtle

Scotty just enjoyed watching his big sister run around and breathing some fresh air.

These two are the most precious little babies, I just love them. I hope they stay the best of friends when they grow up.


That night Allison had to be carried to bed, exhausted from all the playing (a very rare thing in this house)

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Gonna Be a Rock Star

Allison has been going around the house singing "I'm gonna be a rock and roll star" from Barney.
The other night she comes out in a typical Rock Star outfit, topless with a tutu, sunglasses, mismatched high heels and a guitar...most awesome!!!

Gene Simmons wanna be...

This is the Rock Star pose, very dramatic.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Family Photo

Can you guess what is different about Scotty in these pictures??

He just wasn't in the mood for saying CHEESE!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Baking - Peanut Butter Bread

Baking goodies and breads from scratch is one of 30 things to do this year. Last weekend I made a very delicious and easy white loaf bread. It was gone before I could even find the camera.
Today I decided to bake a loaf of quick bread. Since I have a few large jars of peanut butter left over from holiday baking I wanted to use up I chose to make Peanut Butter Bread from Quick Cooking magazine.

picture courtesy of Taste of Home website

It is in the oven right now and the house smells so yummy. I plan on serving some as a snack, later this afternoon, with jelly. I will probably toast some tomorrow and serve with honey and if there is any left over for a third day I will make some french toast. Since this bread is so easy I will probably make it regularly.

And I will certainly add it to my list of homemade hostess gifts (another one of the 30 things to do this year). A loaf of this with some homemade jam would be a wonderful heartfelt present.

Here is the finished product...

isn't the cutting board beautiful, Scott had it made for me for Christmas. I love it!!!
Enjoy your afternoon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 To Do List

I have compiled a list of things I want to accomplish, get better at, learn to do, and start. Kind of like a year long to do list.

A few of these are easier than others. Some I have to constantly remind myself of and others are improvements on myself and family things.

I want to start baking all goodies from scratch, including bread. Which I have started, the bread was gone in 2 days. We all loved it including Allison who is anti bread. I will continue to do since she loves to help measure and punch down the dough and it takes up an afternoon when things get a little slow around here and boredom creeps in. Once all the Christmas goodies are gone I will start baking cookies and such.
Another reason is we are trying to get away from overly processed foods. Of course a lot of the foods I will be making will not be low fat or healthy, but I know what is in it and I have a feeling when something is made from good quality ingredients, less is needed fill you up.

A few other to do's are house related, painting, making it a warm & cozy, relaxing place, decorate for the seasons, organize closets and stick to housework schedule.

Gardening to do's are planting a veggie garden in summer and plan a winter garden, start a flower garden, make an awesome backyard for th kids with playhouse, swing set or pool, remove some plants in the front and replace with shade plants.

Family and personal to do's: lose the baby weight, exercise more often, have a Sunday Dinner, take the kids on a field trip once a month, have more family time, talk with Scott more, start crafting, always bring hostess gift/cookies/bread, join MOPS, track spending for the year, and pray more often.

These are all things that know I can get done because they are things in my life that are important to me and good for my family.

I hope all of you have set attainable goals and succeed making 2011 a wonderful and fulfilling year.