Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I Should Have Posted Yesterday

Weigh in 138.6.
I have been busy. My sister is coming in on Monday, Scott's birthday is Monday and I still haven't bought anything for him, not even a card. I have been trying to get back on schedule after the Easter party and haven't had much luck. I have been walking 2 miles a day and have cut out all real sugar (I still have sweet & low in my coffee and yes I am still drinking it). I crave real sugar so badly that I cleared out the cupboards in hopes I would find some stray candy bar or something that would help cure the sweet tooth. I didn't find anything.
Yesterdays food was good, as in taste.
Coffee for breakfast, creamer, sweet & low
2 breadsticks and some leftover lazy day lasagne for lunch
Dinner was tofu stirfry, brown rice and egg flower soup, so yummy, I could eat it all the time but Scott has to have meat once in a while.

Allison had a small accident yesterday. She was playing and showing off for grandma and had the letter I in her mouth (she likes to chew on her bath letters). Well she fell forward and got the I lodged inher throat, it was sticking out a bit, but the look of fear on her face scared me so bad. Luckily Grandma came to the rescue and pulled the letter right out of her mouth and saved the day!! I panicked a bit and didn't react fast enough. Anyway Allison cried and cried until we said we were going shopping, then she was just fine. We went to Target to get baby proofing stuff and I found some other things that were really important to have.
I picked out this really cute outfit for Allison

And I found this bumper because she always pushes her head into the bars of the crib when she's sleeping

And here is little miss princess just waking up this morning super cute.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday and Cloudy

It is cloudy and a high of 61 today...bah! I was enjoying the 90 degree weather and I was excited about the veggie garden and the walks and the idea of losing weight for the summer. Days like today make me want to sleep and eat comfort food but, I can't and I am craving candy, any kind of candy. I tried to eat some jello last night and it reminded me of when I was in the hospital and all they would let me eat was sugar free jello. YUCK!!!
The result of the hospital stay was my precious baby and I would do it all over again and even enjoy the jello the next time around.

Todays food

Coffee with fat free non dairy creamer & sweet & low (it is very hard to break a habit like this even though it is very recent)
2 pieces trader joes wheat bread
5 fat free saltines
1 tbs pesto
1 oz shredded mozzarella
I went grocery shopping with Allison this morning and really havn't planned what we are going to have for dinner, I have been thinking the old stand by of burrito skillet or maybe some other skillet dish from Kraft. It will be served with a veggie of some sort and left over lentil soup. At least I have some kind of game plan, right?

Another thought I had was going back to the old ways and preparing some of my foods ahead of time so there is no guessing. I find that if i don't have breakfast i am starving by the mid afternoon. And I am a huge fan of oatmeal with flax. I just don't know what got into me that I quit eating it, just laziness I guess. Anyway I am going to write a list and figure out some of the things I can eat for breakfast that can be made ahead of time or with little prep.
I have to get back into the healthy food habit as soon as possible because I am tired of being tired and feeling bad. My body needs a detox from the junk and hopefully I will feel I will feel better!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Mommy & Allison playing Peggle on the Xbox.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 1 - Good So Far

Well today has been successful so far. Allison and I too a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood and so far I have been eating fairly well. I did have coffee this morning but, after that I have had water. I also gave all the leftover candy to Scott to take to work so I wouldn't be tempted to eat it. Well guess what, I found a bag of jelly beans hiding under the beef jerky in the snack drawer and I ate 5 of them so off the work they go tomorrow. Also, I have planned my meals for the next week and am grocery shopping tomorrow for some good foods and lots of veggies.

Allison has become so mobile in the last few days it is so nice to finally have a break from chasing her around. Today miss helpie helperton helped clean the bathroom. By cleaning, I mean that she crawled in to the bathroom and started pulling herself up to get into the toilet and the drawers and the bathtub and anything else she could get into. It took me 1/2 an hour just to straighten up the bathroom but, it was so funny. I love when she helps.
She is also so curious about other children and I don't have any friends that have children so I have had trouble finding a play group for us to join. I had thought about MOPS but the have the children in another room than the mommies and the other mommy and me group they have costs to much money and you have to host a bunco night which I am not fond of. I am not that kind of woman. I do like entertaining but not card games. Anyway that is my new assignment, try and find a free mommy and me play group or try and host one myself.

So here are my eats for today.
2 cups coffee with sweet & low and 2 tsp fat free non dairy creamer
(not healthy at all but I am working on it)
1/2 cup spaghetti with marinara sauce
hot dog bun with 50% less fat cheese
Dinner (I have planned ahead)
4 oz Tilapia with dry rub
tortilla baked crips - fish tostada kind of thing
1/2 cup lentil soup
I would have a salad but I dropped all the leftover lettuce on the floor last night and don't want to go to the store tonight to get some so I might have some chopped tomatoes on the tostada thing with some salsa

I hope you all enjoy the day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting Started...For Real This Time

Well tomorrow is the day that I start posting my food journal and hopefully pictures of the food (Allison's pics will be posted also, they are the priority). I have set my 1st goal at 10 pounds. My ultimate goal is to lose most of the baby weight about 20 pounds and get healthy again so we can start on baby #2 next year.
I am sooooo excited about that. We have decided that 2 was going to be the max number of children in this household, even though I originally wanted 1 then I changed my mind and wanted 3, but I will be happy with 2. We will have a preciuos family of 4 hopefully sometime next year.

Here is my game plan for the next 4 weeks to get me back on track now that I have an ultimate goal.
My focus for the first week is going to be walking 5 days a week for 30 minutes and cleaning up my diet, trying to eliminate the sugar and coffee and junk food.

The second week I will be focusing on increasing the walks to 45 minutes a day and adding more water, fruits, veggies and lean proteins. I have no problems with adding good for you carbs since I love bread and I just figured out that the whole wheat bread I get from Trader Joes is only 1 point per slice, jolly good find.

Week three I will continue to walk 45 minutes and start with some toning exercises, mostly working the core muscles and adding in some arms and shoulders (I love me some toned arms and shoulders). Hopefully my body will be detoxed from the junk and I will begin to feel like the healthy me again.

Week four I will focus on getting my family (Scott mostly)into the healthy mode. I will start eliminating the junk from his lunches and start getting him to eat more fruits and veggies (hopefully). Maybe if I serve his good foods with ketchup he will eat it...hahaha.

Any way that is my plan starting on Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend.
Enjoy the day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sad to See it Go But, Not Really

I closed my online store today. I never really had the time to devote to it to make the kind of money I needed. I was trying to raise some money to buy a bigger car. We really need one, right now we are driving around in a 2 door Hyundai accent. The car is so small that I have to ride in the back seat and when we have any company staying with us, like my sister, we have to take 2 cars because we just can't fit more than 2 adults and 1 car seat in there.
My Hyundai is a great car. I bought it before we were married(1st major purchase I made)and it is paid off which is totally nice not having another payment we can't afford.
Scott said if I find a used car for $1000 we could get it but, the cars I find don't meet his criteria. He wants less than 60,000 and not a blazer, jimmy, jeep or any of the other cheap SUVs you can get for 1k...ummm...ok I can deal with it. But Allison is getting big and we are going to have to switch car seats soon and we have talked about another baby and right now my trunk is stuffed with essential baby things that I need to haul around like, diaper bag, a bag with 2 carriers and a cart cover, and the small stroller no room for any shopping bags and forget groceries, I have to clear out the trunk before I go. If I had the room I would carry all that stuff plus the jogger with room to spare for the groceries.
I saw a Subaru Wagon for sale down the street and I have my eye on a Ford Expedition. They both look pretty roomy and safe to haul around our happy family but I have to come up with some creative way to convince Scott that we can afford one of these and that might mean I have to sell my cute little Hyundai to upgrade. I know that the Hyundai will understand if we have to sell it and I don't want it to be sad if we do. It has been a great little car. It drove all of us home from the hospital after Allison was born. It got us down to Vegas for our Honeymoon and taken us on numerous road trips around California. It is a great car and I love it but sometimes you have to set the things you love free. You always have your memories.
Enjoy the weekend!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Road Always Traveled, Well at Least Once a Year

I have been thinking about whether or not to include my new diet info on this blog or create another one. I have tried in the past to have more than one blog and have failed to update either one. I know I have strongly encouraged the whole clean eating lifestyle and I do try to keep my family eating as healthy as I can but I find that it is quite difficult to buy food for multiple people in the house (there are only the 3 of us) if it is all different.
Since having Allison back in July I have been gearing myself up to the challenge of losing the baby weight. I have decided to go back to Weight Watchers. A little background, I never really did go to the meetings, I got the info from my MIL and online. The points system really worked for me and kept me accountable for what I was eating, be it healthy or not. I never did go over my points for the day and I got to my goal weight of 117 lbs, alas that was back in 2005.
So here in 2009 I have decided to go back on point. I will obsess about the numbers and eat what I want and exercise every day and I will hopefully get back down to at least 120 by mid May. I am shooting for about 2 lbs a week (not to much to ask of myself is it?). I will update my weekly weigh ins (Wednesday) and I will keep a journal of the food I eat.

All right here it is today's weight and my starting weight...are you ready??? I'm really not, but here it goes...139.8...OMG I can't believe I have let the whole internet know my weight. Well at least I can only get better from now, I mean I have to try to impress all of you with my uber healthy ways, right?
I am going to start blogging the menus after I get my kitchen in order and all the Easter candy is gone (haha). No seriously, I will start journaling my yumminess of food choices (hopefully with pictures, cause you all know how I like the pictures)as soon as I get myself centered again. The last week and a half have been kinda of draining and tiring. I made terrible food choices and no exercise. It really does affect your health.

For you regular readers (if there are any out there) I will still be writing about my daily happenings and exciting life being a stay at home mom (with a baby who is crawling and getting into everything and making me run after her, and getting into everything and playing with the xbox and cords that are NOT plugged in, and did I mention getting into everything). I will also post all the adorable pics of my family and home life. So don’t miss out on my journey to better myself and family.
Enjoy the day!!!
Mama how do you turn on the Xbox again???

Take off the diaper and I am off like the wind...catch me if you can...hahaha!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lack of Posts, Not Lack of Things to Say

Well, I have quite a few things I would like to update on. I have decided to do the free 5k that is on May 9th. The cause is better, it is for Growing Healthy Kids. There is a 1 mile and a 5k and kid sprints all starting in the morning. It should be fun and it's free.
Allison had a great Easter. She got 3 baskets and tons of attention. She loved it just not the people. She has her 9 month appointment on Tuesday. She will be weighed and measured and it is the start of the MMR shots. We will be hiding in the house most of next week (until we get a pool) because it's going to be in the mid 90s and I don't really like the heat. Plus Allison and I are so white we burn when the sun touches us.
Holly's last day with us is tomorrow. We have asked her to stay another week because it would be good for her, but what do you do? She just doesn't see the opportunities in front of her and we have tried to give her a kick in the pants but to no avail. She will be back I know but we don't want to see her fall into the old ways again. As she knows our house is always open and we will help her as much as we can. It was fun having her here and I can't wait to have her back. Hopefully in a week or two.
Monday will be a big post of weight loss challenges, exercise routines and the goals I have set for myself that will get me ready for the 5k and help get me in shape. Easter food was brutal on my waist line and activity level.
I hope all of you have had a great weekend enjoy a few pics of Allison to brighten your day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009 is Finally Over

I have to say Easter was fun but very, very tiring. Allison chose that weekend to become uber possesive and NO ONE but MAMA can hold me...wahhhh...wahhhh.
As you will see in every picture she is crying when any one but me or dad holds her. It was funny, but poor aunt Holly. She is staying the week with us and all Allison does is cry when she gets close to her.
Anyway here are some pics. The begining of next week I will start with the diet thing since I have a ton of candy to eat.
Enjoy the day!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

1st Day at Work

Today Allison got to go to Daddy's work and visit for a while. It was so cute. She was helping him with the quotes for a few jobs and just being adorable. She was also trying to eat Daddy's business cards and smiled at everyone that was there. All in all she had a first day at work.
You all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the day.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Miss Independent

We have been so busy getting everything ready for our Easter get together. Allison & I have finally had a chance to sit down & play for a little bit. I let her sleep in this morning so we got a late start. She also insisted on feeding herself breakfast this morning. It was messy but very funny to watch.
Lunch time was the same, she wanted to feed herself the pasta she had. She had her mouth full of noodles and kept stuffing more in. Most of the stuff fell out of her mouth but she is getting the hang of things and will be feeding herself in no time.
She is so independent, I still can't believe how fast she is growing up.
I hope you all have been enjoying your day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Count Down to 5k

Well I have decided to do a 5k race in May, May 9th to be exact. I was insipred by one of the other blogs I read call Phit-N-Phat Making Fitness & Weight Loss a Lifestyle. I get really motivated by what she has to say and all her posts get me fired up to do something active and good for me and has inspired me to do a 5k walk. I have gotten the Fat Girl Thinking out of my head and decided to stop talking about a race and do a race even if I am just walking it (besides I get a t-shirt out of this...pretty good deal for walking 3 miles). I have decided to do the Alter Our World 5k for the Humane Society. There are a few things I have to find out before the race, like if Allison can go in her stroller or can I Moby her, and do I have to pay a fee even though she is only 9 months old.

Well Easter is almost here and I have a ton of stuff to prepare before all the Family gets here. I have to invite a few more people and shop and clean the house but there is plenty of time to do all that. I am also preparing for my sister to stay with us for the week. It should be fun. I have to plan a few activities but we are mostly going to do my usual routine and I don't think she will like that very much. She will have to wait and see when she gets here, what that entails.
Anyway I hope you all had a great day. It was 77 and beautiful, my seeds are sprouting and the garden is lookin good. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so no walk. I will keep you posted on the progress of the race for all interested. I have another post coming up soon that will be about losing baby weight and my struggle to do so, so stay tuned.
Here are a few pics of the one and only Allison, for your enjoyment.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally Friday

Well Sis called me last night and she is back home but not really sure what's going to happen next. We will see what the future has in store soon enough, right now she needs time to refocus her energy to herself and stop getting sad/upset over things that happened in the last few months.
Anyway, today is really windy so Allison and I didn't take a walk and I really haven't been eating all that great the past couple of days. Maybe it's all the yummy Easter candy I bought last week, you think??
I have a pretty good post to publish about diet and exercise but it needs a little tweaking and adjusting...and I just don't feel like doing it today.
So it is finally Friday, Scott came home early and we ran a few errands, got a movie to watch tonight. Speaking of movies have any of you seen Resident Evil:Degeneration?
I like the movie, it's really great animation plus I really like the Resident Evil series of games & movies (yes I like the movies, even the second one that was kinda lame but still a good watch, almost like an Uwe Boll movie...hahaha). I like the way Degeneration kind of combined where Resident Evil 4 left off (Leon is back from Spain) and mentions a few things that happen in Resident Evil 5 (Tricell). It's good, you should check it out if you are a fan.
Tonight we are having turkey burgers and tots, watching a movie and relaxing...I am soooo tired, so I am going to go change into my jams and veg the rest of the afternoon away.
Enjoy the day!!!

Daddy letting Allison try her first Peep

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stress Really Can Cause Gray Hair...

Yesterday is one for the books. It turned out to be a very stressful day not only for me, but my husband and my sister. Scott had some really awkward news from his boss that we were trying to deal with, without doing something that could jeopardize his position. Fortunately we decided what we should do with that situation, for the time being, either way it will be a win win one.
My sister, well she has always been a little drama queeny about things, so when she called last night right before I put Allison to bed, I really wasn't thinking to much about it. Then she goes on to tell me that she has left. Left from where you ask?? She left her boyfriend and was standing in a parking lot down the street from her apartment. Well she lives about 4 hours away from me so I couldn't just jump in the car and go get her. She was crying and telling me she had called my parents and my mom got so mad at her that she hung up on my parents are a real piece of work, they live about 1 hour away why couldn't they go get her??? Anyway, my sister called her friend and my sister is staying with her for the time being. I have invited my sister to come stay with us for a while and look for a job (she was laid off a few weeks ago) and a place to live. She said she might, she's not coming for Easter and that she will stay at her friends house for as long as she wants.
I tell you what, my family is the most immature emotional touchy feely type of family you can get. How did they ever raise me? I try to make the most rational non emotional decisions I can. I try to think things through before I go through with it, etc. (with the help of Scott, of course, he can usually see things from a different perspective when I am upset). My sister is almost 29, she needs to grow up and start making some decisions that will help her in the future, not the now. If you are reading this Sis, where do you see yourself in the next ten years, write it down and then make a list of how you will accomplish these things one by one. It will help get you started in the right direction. We are here to help if you need it, just call.
Anyway, I am kind of upset at my parents and I have a feeling that they will be blaming me (I asked my sister a few months ago if she was happy where she was in life and she had said no, I also asked her how she could change that, this whole situation must be how) for my sisters decision on this. But if they want to act like a couple of 12 year olds then so be it. They are not very good parents if they get mad at my sister for making a tough decision like that. Right now all sis needs is support from her family and they are not willing to give it. Fortunately Scott and I are.
Sis is suppose to call me tonight and let me know whats going on. I hope everything is well with her and she will come and stay with us for a few days.
Also, I think I have a few new gray hairs after all this. I am glad I have a supportive husband and a sweet daughter. They both make me smile and glad that I have made the decisions I have. I would wish a life like this for anyone, especially my sis.
Enjoy the day!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monkey Hat, Fluffy Hair & Cheese Cubes

These are a few of Allison's favorite things take a look.
Hope you are enjoying the day.