Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scott jr.

He finally arrived weighing in at a whopping 8lbs 3oz, 20 inches in length and the most baby hair I have ever seen.

I am rested and getting around very well despite having a c-section. Surviving only on ibprofen as pain meds, pretty good considering I had major surgery.

Allison adores him and cracks up when he has the hiccups. It seems to be the funniest thing she has ever seen.

Scott jr. is doing great, a little jaundiced but awesome. We had to go back to the hospital and have a bit more blood taken so they can double check the billiruben, it was high yesterday, today it was down 2 points and at this age it won't go back up so everything is ok.

The proudest daddy ever!!!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful beautiful complete family.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today is the Day

I am leaving for the hospital in about 20 minutes...

I really can't believe the day is finally here. These have been the longest 9 months of my life. But today got here quicker then I thought it would.

In a few short hours I will see my new baby, I am so excited.

I am also SO thirsty. Since I have to have a repeat c-section, I wasn't able to eat or drink anything after midnight to keep the neasuea at bay after I get the epidural.
I need water so bad, my mouth feels like a desert. I haven't had to pee yet this morning either which is amazing since it feels like I go every hour or so. Better get used to it though, after this morning I will no longer have someone sitting on my bladder while kicking my kidneys.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Allison + One = Four

This time tomorrow I will be relaxing(???)in the hospital with my new baby boy. I am scheduled for an early morning repeat c-section. The hospital will call to comfirm the surgery time and I have to arrive 2 hours before. Right now I am schedule for the 8:30am slot, but it could be moved to 7:30am which means leaving the house by 5am. So much for sleeping in.
You never get to sleep at the hospital. The nurses are checking you every 2 hours, the baby eats and poops every 2 hours and when you do finally fall asleep, here comes one of the doctors or lunch or housekeeping or another nurse just to see how you are doing.
The only time you do get to fully recover is when your home. Comfortable in your own home surrounded with the people you love.

I am really nervous this time, though. With Allison it was an emergency c-section. My hormones had a chance to tell the body, "hey, here comes a baby, you better get ready." This time I am not going into labor, at least I haven't yet, so I am curious how my body will react once baby is in my arms, wanting to nurse. Will my body know what to do without that signal from the brain, that it's go time??? We will find out.

I am so blessed to be a mom again.
I can't wait to show you all what baby Scott looks like.

Allison is in for a BIG surprise when someone new is at our house that cries more than she does.
Can you top this baby brother???

Monday, September 20, 2010

39 Weeks & Reverting Back to Baby

Well this week is it.
39 weeks.
Scott jr. is coming into the world in a few days.
I have my pre-op appointment today. I am nervous, excited and so happy that we finally get to see him, hold him, hear his cries, cuddle him, see his smile.

Allison knows something is up so she has been acting out of sorts lately. I thought maybe her molars coming in were affecting her mood, but it turns out she still wants to be baby.
She wants to eat in her high chair again, even though she has been in her booster for over a year.

And yesterday we found her in her room doing this...

The signs are there, she doesn't want to grow up yet. I don't blame her it's fun being a kid and I don't expect her to grow up, she is still my baby.

But how can this little princess be jelous of her brother already??? I know she is going to be a great sister and very helpful.

It will take sometime to get used to all the new things that are going to happen. We all have to adjust, but we can do it. And I know Allison will just love her brother to pieces once she realises all he is going to do in the first few months is cry and poop.

Allison you don't have to worry, Mommy will still play dress up with you. And cuddle you. And sit through Backyardigans season 3 for the hundredth time.
I love you little princess.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will have a pre-op update tomorrow, my appointment is in the late afternoon, then I have to go grocery shopping and cook dinner. Just another day in the life of a stay at home mom, GLAMOROUS, I know and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This time it' not me...

She decided to skip her nap,
I, on the other hand, rested for half an hour. So I felt great. Even though I look tired in the picture (I am due next week so I am going to look like this for the next year, I better get used to it...hahaha)

Daddy had to get into the action. He usually looks like this after having one to many...wink,wink. He's just pretending here, at least I think so??

Hope you all have a wonderful day and make sure to get some rest!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Hair Returns

This is what happens when you have a curly headed child that sleeps with satin pillowcases.

It takes some time to get it back to normal but I love her curly hair.

This is her "I'm pissed off at YOU" face.

After a long day.

Sorry for not posting something very interesting. If you must know I have been cleaning out the car, washing sheets and bedding, dancing with Allison, playing with the neighbors cat Buffy, cleaning out the fridge, and soon I will nap.

I am not having a very good day, emotional wise, things are just going as planned (which they never do) and it is pissing me off.....BIG TIME!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 38

I had my 38 week appointment this morning. Everything is normal. Fundal height is where it should be, Doctor said "no 10 pound babies in there". I sure look and feel like it though...hehehe.

Next week I go in for my pre-op stuff; heart beat, lungs, etc. Then I will arrive at the hospital later that week and have my baby boy.

I really can't believe that he will be here next week, I am excited and scared all at once.

I also have some really funny pictures of Allison, but I am tired and want to take a nap, I will post them later.

Everyone, have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mommy Daughter Day at Fort Allison

Today feels just like an Autumn day. Cloudy, windy, chilly. Perfect weather when you are 9 months pregnant.

Allison & I have been busy all morning doing everything she wanted. Kind of having a Mommy/Daughter day since 2 weeks from tomorrow brother will be born.

First we watched "Toe Wipe & the 7 Dwarbs" (allison speak). I folded laundry but was sitting right beside her for the scary parts.

Then had a fancy tea party. She dressed in her Snow White skirt, I got out the glass tea set and laid out a tablecloth. She served us "hot" tea with cream and sugar. It was really fun pretending to have a fancy tea party...must do it again.

Then we danced around to her song "Allison" by Scapegoat Wax. She even called out her name a few times. She is so precious.

After that we built a fort in her room.

Since her crib is now a toddler bed, I draped a sheet over the top and made it into a fort. Can you say super excited

...she loved it, stuffed every bit of bedding from her big girl bed into the fort and proceeded to belly flop into it, that is, until she bumped her head.
She then calmed down and climbed in and out.

We had such a busy morning that she is now napping in her fort and I will soon be joining her right here on the couch. Hips and pubic bone are aching and I need some rest.
Doing all my normal activities without the range of motion and all this extra weight makes me tired...and did I mention that he will be here in like 2 WEEKS, need to sleep while I can.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a very uneventful weekend. Scott had to work Saturday & Sunday so no plans were made.

Allison spent the night at grandma's house on Sunday so Scott and I had a date night. I chose In & Out Burger since I was craving meat and I had never been there in all of my 32 years. It was so yummy and way cheaper than McD's.
We brought dinner home, had a nice quiet dinner, played some video games and talked about Allison most of the night. It was so quiet in the house. I was bored with no one to chase after or pick up after. Scott enjoyed it a bit because he could curse at the tv while playing video games but other then that I think we both missed her.
On the plus side we did get to sleep in until 8:30am.

Allison relaxing, watching Pocoyo on youtube, after the night at grandmas

Just being plain cute.

belly flopping into the pool

On another note, I really love gardening which is surprising since I hate bugs and bettles and spiders and frogs.
Right now not so much though, because it's hard to do alot of things with a giant belly but I really love growing my own veggies and herbs.
The other morning I went out to pick some cherry tomatoes for a couscous salad and ran into this...literally. The top of the web touched my forehead. I had a freakout and thought I had bugs on me the rest of the day.
This is magnified by 12.

And the highlight of the week...My 37 week appointment. I have a fundal height of 37cm, I am gaining one pound a week and perfect blood pressure. All around very normal. I have a date set for the c-section, about 2 weeks from now we will see Scott jr. for the first time. I am all but a little excited.
Here is belly at 37 weeks, can you tell how veiny I am? Being so pale shows every blue vein from my chest down to my belly.

Hope all of you had a wonderful 3 day weekend and have a great afternoon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Logic of a 2 Year Old

Allison is smart. She can put together sentences, repeat ANYTHING you say, and even count to 10.
So it's no wonder that this would make sense, right?

I mean, mom & dad have electric toothbrushes so why can't she?
Too bad she doesn't realise it is just a regular toothbrush, but whatever works to get her to brush her teeth.

Have a great day!!!