Saturday, February 28, 2009

Indoor Herb Garden

I started my herb garden today. I only picked a few herbs to start; Sweet basil, italian parsley & I transplanted some oregano from the back garden because I never walk out to the garden to get fresh oregano when I need it.
I had gone to the Dollar Store yesterday and got some cute pots that I think will look nice in the kitchen.

I planted some tomato seeds also. Just a little bush that I can snack on while hanging out on the patio. They are little cranberry sized tomatoes that are so sweet. I got them from Burpee's last year. They have a great supply of seeds and plants, living in California I can never get any of the plants, but the seeds always grow and the veggies are always tastey. There catalog is realy worth getting, all color photos and great descriptions of the fruits & veggies.
Enjoy the weather, it's supposed to rain here tomorrow so I am enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. My munchkin helping with the seeds & waving to daddy

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring Fever

Today is a beautiful day. High of 64 but feels almost like 70. Since my husband stayed home from work sick today I decided to take my little princess out back and do some yard work. I put her in her walker, much easier to move her around while i'm cleaning.
I decided to clean the patio and move a few things around but i'm not sure I like where I moved the bbq. It gives Allison more room to walk around in her walker, so I might keep it there until we start bbqing again. Here are a few pics of the process. I think it makes the yard look 100% better because I was sick of all the stuff the rain knocks out of the trees and I have to look at it from the kitchen window, it makes me much happier to have a clean yard.

These are the before pics, looks like alot of work...and it was.

Here are the after, much cleaner and looks so much more inviting. I took out that potting table and replaced it with a small table we used to have in the kitchen before we remodeled. The glass table used to be in the living room but we got another one at IKEA that has alot of storage in it.
I also took some pictures of our koi pond. Last spring we bought 2 koi at Wal-Mart and they ended up having babies. One of the first two died after the babies were born, but we were left with eight new fish. We have the original orange one with white tummy, a 1 inch white w/orange spot on its head, solid black one, black with orange spots, 2 white ones, and three more that are orange with white tummies a total of 9 fish in our tiny pond. This summer I am going to work on getting some plants for it and some more color around it.

Tomorrow I have another project I will be working on. An indoor herb garden, can't wait to start that. Spring is in the air and I love it, makes me so happy. Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have a little ham for a daughter

Allison has always loved getting attention. She somehow always knows she will be the center of attention and acts accordingly. Like today, we went grocery shopping. The old ladies just love her but today Allison really laid on the attention grabber by trying out her new ability to wave and I must have at least 3 conversations with some ladies that thought that she was "the most precious little girl" and "oohhhh your so cute and you can wave too, how sweet". Allison loved it. She smiled and waved more and then would wave across the store at something, then in the parking lot she would wave at cars and people. She always knows how to get the attention she craves and who can blame her, even this proud and usually shy mama loves to get the attention and talking with the ladies so I can brag that "my seven month old can wave, and she can clap too, but waving is new so she is always practicing and getting your attention so she can show off, she's just adorable isn't she."
What can I say I love the attention too, but not as much as my little ham.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3.....

This is a test of the Mommy Broadcasting System, this is only a test (clever isn't it)
Will update later