Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Re-purposing Receiving Blankets

I have saved all those receiving blankets for three years now. It was time to put them to good use. I was thinking of making a quilt for Allison as a keepsake of her baby years then I realized she probably wouldn't want that kind of thing. No one I know wants any of their old baby things, school stuff or really anything that reminds them of those dreaded years of awkwardly becoming the person they are today.
Anyway, I don't have any extra cash and I am redecorating the master room so I decided to sew pillow cases!! I had three pink gingham blankets, two matching flowery ones and a solid pink one. I mixed and matched making 2 with gingham on one side and flowery print on the other and another that is pink gingham and solid pink. I can never really decided how I want the bedding to look so it is nice to have a few different options. Just flip the pillow over for a new look...love it!
Here is a picture I just took with the soft light of the antique desk lamp on. The picture is crap but like I said I'm broke so no new camera for me, yet. At least you get the idea.
Oh, and the pillow in the center of is cased in a crib sheet that I have yet to sew but that will be my next project. In the meantime I will just wrap it in the cut up fabric since it is just for decoration.

I will post a better picture in the daylight and better detailing tomorrow.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Great Finds Saturday

Scott & I went yard sale shopping today. I love, love, love it. Since we rearranged our room, I decided that I am taking on a new decorating approach that never occurred to me. Prairie Chic/ Farmhouse Chic.
I always thought that I was going to decorate for the era our house was built - mid century modern - and I like that style but, it just didn't really have that homey feel. It probably would have been more appropriate in our 20's. but we are a family now and cocktail parties and clean furniture and a spot free home are not in the near future.

Anyway, I have been loving on the idea of the farmhouse style. We love nature, being outside, gardening, being self sufficient, the idea of owning chickens...so why not create a home that reflects the things we love.

I had really great luck at finding a few treasures to help with the decor.

Handmade quilts and afghans that someone took the time to craft are a passion of mine. They don't even have to be vintage, just crafted by someone so it has a story behind it. These quilted pillows were purchased at an antique shop in Paradise and were handcrafted by an old women who lived in that town (at least that is what the seller told me so it's gotta be true...right?).I only paid $1.00 each so I win win for me
I also found these bottles which are going to sit on a shelf I am making from this...a 100 year old window pulled from an historic home downtown (my husband is a glazier, that's how I get all my old windows and doors). The bottles will hold wild flowers.

I also found some crocheted heart pillows that I am going to tea stain to give them an aged look and some really wonderful yellow paint from the Restore (Habitat for Humanity)to paint an armoire I found on craigslist. I am on my way to having a farmhouse chic bedroom...once we paint over those damned Deep Aubergine walls... for around $100. Not too bad.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Already

It's March already?!?!?!?!!!!

I can always use the same excuse...I have been busy. I started my Etsy shop, have been making soaps and have been battling the worse cold/sinus/ear infection EVER. It has lasted 2 months even with antibiotics.
I am finally feeling better and am now out and about on the look out for things to furnish my home. Scott & I ripped the carpet out of our front room/dining room.

Fifty year old floors never looked so good.
We didn't even have to refinish them. Just washed and waxed. They are awesome. I will never ever EVER go back to carpet. Carpet is yucky. I sweep 2 maybe three times a day and always have a ton of dust and crumbs, I couldn't even imagine that stuff being trapped in my carpet.

Anyway, I am now enjoying my new floors and planning my next project. Rearranging our love nest, that Deep Aubergine (our wall color, we moved in when we were in our 20's, we were a little different back then)has to go!

I will post before pics of the room and post updates as I progress. Oh, and I only have a budget of about $100, maybe more if my soap sells or I have a yard sale (one of my favorite ways to make money).