Friday, December 31, 2010

To the New Year

2010 has been quite a year. So much has happened to change my life.
My little sisters unexpected death was quite a shock to the whole family. I was so saddened and upset that someone so young could pass away with so much to finish in her life, but God had his reasons and I have to trust in his decisions.

Then the birth of my son Scotty was just awesome. When he came into our lives it was changed forever. He is the sweetest most smiley baby. Always happy, could be just gas, but gassy smiles are still adorable. God blessed us.

With tragedy comes happiness.

Both of these events were life changing experiences. Not just for me but my whole family. I have pushed through and coped and it has made me stronger. I am now a mother of 2 and that has made me exhausted but the sacrifice is SO worth it.

2011 has so much to offer. My kids will grow, my family will get closer, and we will create new memories and remember the old ones.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve and a great start to the New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Well that seemed very short, this Christmas I mean. The build up was great and very exciting since it was the first Christmas Allison really understood Santa and it was Scotty's first Christmas. That was fun, but, well, the presents were opened too quickly, the dinners and visits were all day events and the time seemed to fly by.
But it was all worth it. Every last exhausting minute and I have already started planning for next year, I really can't wait.

Daddy & the kids on Christmas Eve at Grandma Gloria's

Scotty & Daddy chillin', Scotty got really hot so he stayed in his diaper most of the evening which he really enjoyed

Someone looks really excited to open some presents

Just adorable

Charlie & Allison jammin'

She got her own Barbie guitar

After an exhausting Christmas Eve she was ready to go home. But in the morning she was surprised with Santa's visit

Ok, she doesn't look really surprise, more like confused. But she got into the spirit of things soon enough...

This ball pit has been a great present. Poor Scotty, all by himself while everyone was tearing into their loot.

Don't worry Daddy will share his loot...

This has provided hours of entertainment for the two of them.

Scotty looking all grown up ready to celebrate Christmas Day over at Aunt Helen's

Scotty & me ready to go (I haven't looked this good since, well, I can't really remember a time, maybe it was before kids that I actually got to straighten my hair and apply makeup)

I just love Allison's outfit. She now has 4 tutus and counting.

And this last one is for Scott. Just because you think it is SO funny.

I hope everyone had a wonderful on to the New Year!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve, Eve

Well, these two angels are all ready for Christmas.

It is the first Christmas where Allison really gets Santa. She is really excited. On Wednesday morning she walked out into the living room and said "OOOooo...LOOK AT ALL THE PRESENTS!" She picked up a red velvet box, from my parents and told me she was waiting for Santa to open. I asked if she was going to wait there for 3 days, she replied YES.

This afternoon we took a much needed walk. After all this rain we needed some fresh air. Allison and I talked about all the things she wanted for Christmas. We discussed what Scotty should get for Christmas. Then I asked what daddy wanted for Christmas. She told me he wanted cookies and lots of gravy.

She asked me what I wanted, I told her I already have the two most precious gifts "Scotty and her". She probably doesn't understand what that means yet, but she will someday.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time spent with family and friends.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grandma B, Grandma C & Grandma G

In one week the kids have seen all of their grandmas and grandpa, too.

On Friday Grandma Carol came over to visit. She was in town from Alaska and had a chance to visit Scotty for the first time. It was a nice time. Allison was so full of energy (and sugar) she was pretending that the table was a trampoline and had Grandma Carol swing her around.

On Saturday we went over to Grandma GoGo's house for the annual cookie decorating party and exchange. Allison was the star of the show. She first decorated the cookies in a cowgirl ballerina outfit she put together herself. Later she changed into a boa, tiara and jelly shoes to dance. Next year she will have to share the spotlight with her brother and new baby cousin, we will see how she likes that.

Today Grandma & Grandpa Brown came to visit and deliver Christmas presents to their precious grand babies. They had a fun time playing with Allison and spoiling Scotty with all the hugs and carrying around.
Allison just adores them and has such a fun time when they are here. I hope soon, they come and stay permanently.

After such a busy weekend Allison finally took an afternoon nap, the first time in about 2 weeks.

P.S. I am now regretting the nap this afternoon, she has yet to fall asleep and is now playing princesses in her room as I type this. Oh well, at least she was not a horrid monster at dinner tonight. Have a goodnight.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Diaper Bag Dilemma

The question every mom, new and experienced, has is...What do I pack in my diaper bag???

I have 2 different diaper bags for different occasions.

The first bag I carry daily in the car is the "mega bag". It carries everything I need for 2 kids for an extended period of time. To this bag I will add some snacks, water and maybe a toy or two before we leave.

My "mega bag" carries the following:
-Changing pad
-diapers 2 for Allison and about a dozen for Scotty
-face wipes (love these, by Johnson & Johnson, they smell fresh and are great to stash in the bag for quick face clean up and hand washing after the park)
-sunblock a must
-an extra onsie in a few sizes to big so I won't be caught with a newborn onsie when Scotty is 9 months old
-burp cloth
-disposable scented bags for those really smelly diapers
-hand sanitizer
-baby powder

The next bag I have is the one we take on walks to the park and around the neighborhood. This is a back pack in case I have to carry it around, like into a store or bathroom.
This one is similar to the above but much less stuff, since we are only gone a couple of hours.
Here's what's tucked inside (along with snacks or picnic lunch, cell phone, Ipod and water)

-blanket (for changing pad or shade maker)
-sun hats
-sun screen
-paper & pen
-first aid kit (band aids, alcohol swabs, cotton balls, floss)
-water proof table cloth to sit on if the grass is wet
-pocket knife

I hope this gives you some starting point of what to pack. Who knows you may pack a few of these things yourself or none at all but, whatever you decide to carry in your diaper bag just remember always...ALWAYS carry extra diapers, more than you think you will need plus a few more. The day you either pack too few or forget the diaper bag all together is the day they decide to poop every 10 minutes.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Nothing very exciting has been going on here.
We have been trying to get Scotty on a sleep schedule and slowly moving him into his bedroom. So far it hasn't been working out so well, but we just started and "they" say it takes about 7 days to get into a new habit. So we will keep trying.

For some reason Allison has been refusing to take her naps. I put her down same time every day and let her play in her room or sleep, her choice. But she can't come out till nap time is over, usually an hour. And since I stagger the nap times mommy has been missing out on a precious nap.
Still, even when she is a little monster, from lack of sleep, she is still so darn cute.

Other things happening around here.
Allison stole a cookie one morning when she got up and took a bite then put it back, just like her daddy. And before you say maybe it was her dad, let me tell you, she came out into the living room and showed me what was in her mouth. A half chewed sugar cookie with extra sprinkles then gave me a smile and asked if she could have a cookie.

This weekend we are so busy with party after party so this week I am getting the house cleaned, food prepped, and decorating finished.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Christmas Time

As Fancy Nancy would say "Our house never looks fancy except...Ta-Da! at Christmas time"

Allison just couldn't wait for the cookie decorating party in a couple of weeks so, since it was raining, we pulled out the Christmas cookie cutters and made some delicious sugar cookie cutouts...she decorated all of them (practice for the party)

And this morning both of them just couldn't keep their eyes off of Barney. They wouldn't even look at the camera for a picture. She even gave me a cheesy, if I smile will you go away, kind of smile.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Scotty

This little guy is the sweetest, most adorable baby. Every morning when he wakes up he greets us with smiles and coos.
When Allison comes along to either yell in his face or pet his head he smiles and waves his arms and legs in excitement.
He adores her so much and I know we will have an early crawler/walker because he wants to play, so badly, with her.
She has already let him taste an apple, M&M's and blueberry cake behind mommy's back (then comes over to tell me about it). And then repeats what I tell her "he can't eat that he needs more teeth"
If one word was to describe him it would have to be heart melting preciousness.