Thursday, September 5, 2013

Awesome Free Printables to Keep You Organized

I have to say that the free printables, are in fact, not made by me. I lack the necessary skills to create something like that so I rely on all the other bloggers to help me out.

I happened to stumble upon DIY Home Sweet Home and Jamie the creator, through Pintrest. I had been wanting to make a Home management binder for some time now and her printables popped up while I was searching around.

They are just amazing. Bright and colorful and enough to get you organized and ready to rock. You can find all of them HERE.

Anyway, yesterday I needed to make a few notes on some organizing projects that I wanted to tackle. Since our oldest has started kindergarten I needed to jot some things down about updating my commander centers. I have 3 total and they were just getting over run by paper piles, boxes stacking up and overflowing arts and crafts.
 I printed out the Jot It worksheet and starting noting (above). While on the phone this afternoon, my oldest thought she would add her ideas too! (below)
 She told me she was making me happy pictures and that I still had three more spaces to write. She was totally right, but I am anal about keeping my notes a certain way. Then I told her it was not nice to mess up mommy's work and to ask next time. (I really couldn't get angry with cute drawings like these)
 She told me she was sorry and ran off into the new homework/school station. She emerged 5 minutes later with a new jot it page for me, her own creation!

I will definitely be using hers, just as soon as the other is all filled in!
Just a quick note about the jot it page. I keep several blank ones in my folder and purse and planner. I use them for blog post scheduling, project planning, and party planning.
They keep me organized and all my notes and plans are together on one page (one page per subject/project).
Check out Jamie's website DIY Home Sweet Home for your own copy!

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