Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have a little ham for a daughter

Allison has always loved getting attention. She somehow always knows she will be the center of attention and acts accordingly. Like today, we went grocery shopping. The old ladies just love her but today Allison really laid on the attention grabber by trying out her new ability to wave and I must have at least 3 conversations with some ladies that thought that she was "the most precious little girl" and "oohhhh your so cute and you can wave too, how sweet". Allison loved it. She smiled and waved more and then would wave across the store at something, then in the parking lot she would wave at cars and people. She always knows how to get the attention she craves and who can blame her, even this proud and usually shy mama loves to get the attention and talking with the ladies so I can brag that "my seven month old can wave, and she can clap too, but waving is new so she is always practicing and getting your attention so she can show off, she's just adorable isn't she."
What can I say I love the attention too, but not as much as my little ham.

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  1. Heather forgot to mention that Allison also waves at the couch, fireplace, front door and the coffee table