Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's Up??

Well mot very much. Things have been calming down around here since Halloween, but we are gearing up for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Fall decorating is done, which means comfy blankets and cushy pillows on the couches, good smelling candles on the mantle, some of my ruby cut to clear collection on display, a fire burning and a warm and inviting home.

The kids and I have been playing inside alot since the weather has turned cold and rainy. Here is the line up of activities

Learning to play together, this is a tough one for Allison to wrap her head around, she actually has to share her toys with someone else, like OMG!!!

Like every good mom I let my kid play in the dryer, I mean doesn't everyone??? She gets hours of entertainment just from the echo when she yells inside. I just have to remember to check inside before I start the thing (only kidding).

A few car rides, can't you tell Scotty is super excited about this one.

We play ballerina. Allison always asks for mommy to dance, too cute. Thank goodness she doesn't realise mommy has no rhythm and has to rely on only one ballet routine that I memorized a long long time ago

And LOTS of this, sleeping in cool rainy weather is awesome and everyone has been well rested and in good moods.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

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