Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mind Changing

I have changed my mind. I knew I was going to. I have to give myself a few days before I make any major decisions or I will regret them, if I act on impulse.
I have decided to not buy the JENNYLUND chair from IKEA. Instead I am saving some money and buying a chair and a half or loveseat.
source Amazon

I was just thinking on rainy days, when the kids are home, we all might just want to cuddle up and read a good book together and a small white chair made for one will not accomplish that.

I also have changed the color of the shelves to white and we have almost decided on the couch. So maybe in  another month we will have the bulk of the furniture purchased and some painting done.

In 6 months, the major construction will begin.

I have not forgot about my challenge. I have a list for IKEA. And if I purchase the basics a bed, some shelves, a couple lamps, a plant (cause I really love indoor plants and I can't live with out a flowering plant that smells nice in the house) and I have to have a nice pot to put it in, and a couch, and the dining room chairs. I will be over budget by $200. Husband said he will go in halves on the couch. That will knock it down to I will be under budget by $200. Enough to spend on more accessories.

And I plan on having a yard sale soon. That money will be added to my budget and I might just buy a new mattress set. Or more decorations for the home.

What are you thoughts or ideas on what I should do for the master bedroom reading nook?

Until next time!

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