Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Simply Heaven

That is the name of the paint color we chose for our room. With white trim, ceiling, and crown molding, I think it will look beautiful. I can accessorize the room for the beachy feel or make it feel more modern with some grey thrown in.

I have also decided to purchase  a few things from IKEA.

We need dining room chairs like nobody's business. They were his grandparents chairs back in the 70's. They are olive green, metal, with rips and tears and stuffing falling out. And we only have 4, total. We have to use folding chairs if we have any guests.

I have decided on the STEFAN chair. They match our existing vintage table and they are only $25.00 each. I am getting 6.
STEFAN Chair IKEA Solid wood, a hardwearing natural material.
from IKEA
I also want the LERBERG ladder shelves for the room only $39.98 for 2.

LERBERG Shelf unit IKEA Shelves in different depths. Space for anything from collectables to books.
For the bed frame I chose the BRIMNES without the head board since we are using the Chippendale mirror instead. Eventually I will get some underbed storage boxes or baskets to hide my stash of things I just can't part with.

BRIMNES Bed frame IKEA Adjustable bed rails allow the use of mattresses of different heights.
And the last thing I want just for myself, kind of a splurge and the only white thing that I will own is the EKTORP JENNYLUND chair. In white. 
That will complete my cozy reading nook in the master bedroom. I am moving out the office and the craft stuff and creating a nice cozy relaxing bedroom. Where I can relax with a good book  and have some alone time.
EKTORP JENNYLUND Chair IKEA Easy to keep clean with a removable,machine washable cover.
That make a total of around $520.00 if all goes per plan and I don't change my mind on something or I don't find it cheaper on craigslist. That means the master bedroom will be almost complete except for a ceiling fan and new mattress and maybe some  accessories.

We looked at some couches and settled on one, I am chipping in for a portion of the couch so there goes another chunk of money. But that is the only major purchase we have left then the rest is painting and accessorizing.

Until next time!

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