Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting Ready for Easter

In light of the beautiful weather I have been spending most of my days outside with the kids. We have been planting, pruning, trimming and digging.

It has been so fun to be out in the sunshine and blue skies. Today was a bit cloudy, it has been threatening rain all week, nothing yet.

I thought since Easter was just a few days away I would share some gift ideas and pictures of pretty flowers and blooms from around the yard to celebrate Spring and rebirth.

For gifts this year I am doing the traditional egg hunt but with almost no candy. I bought some really cute egg stuffers at the Dollar Tree and I think I have some dollar bills or quarters laying around somewhere (money really could just be pennies, neither kid really gets the value of money anyway hahaha!).
Here is a list of the things I purchased:

  • grow capsules - stick them in water, watch them grow
  • Easter erasers
  • Easter themed stickers
  • peanut M&M's - I just couldn't resist
  • dollar bills
I have to keep it gender neutral since I have a boy & girl.  Shopping for their baskets was a little tougher this year since I hate all that junky stuff. I decided to get them a few things they really enjoy; puzzles, books and crafts stuff. I also got some crazy straws because they love them with smoothies in the morning.

For the grandparent baskets I am giving I have included homemade laundry soap, snacks and artwork from the kids. Basic and useful. Package them beautifully and they will be well received.

Now for the flowers. I am not sure of all the types but I will try to identify what I can.
 A beautiful daffodil. The yard is filled with them just before spring.

 Pretty pink flower cluster (actual scientific name). The green foliage grows year round but in early spring it produces the pretty flowers.
 The blueberry busy growing buds, only three this year, better then last.
 Strawberries. I have three plants that I finally moved into the sun. Hope to get a berry or two.
 Vinca minor. Flowers are really simple and pretty. We use it as a ground cover and it grows everywhere.
 Our lovely fig tree. This year I might make jam.
 A climbing rose that grows around our bedroom window. Gives it a cottage feel.

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