Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Re Purposed Light Fixture into Birdbath

In an attempt to get more birds into my yard I decided to make a birdbath.

I first started with a light fixture cover from a light we took out of the kitchen last year. My husband caulked the hole. I had an existing plant stand and I grow spider plants outdoors all year round so I had plenty of baby plants to transplant into a pot under the birdbath.
 After I cleaned the fixture I added pennies dated before 1982 since the word on Pintrest is that it will prevent the water from getting icky. This was a fun project for the kids, I had them dig through all the loose change and find the pennies.
 After that was finished I added some rocks for height and so they have a perch to stand on when getting water. This really isn't something I created for them to really bathe in since we do have a pond that they enjoy splashing in year round.
The spider plant needs some trimming and the trumpet vine above, that brings the hummingbirds all summer, has yet to bloom it is kind of plain, but this is just the beginning of Spring so in a few months our yard will look beautiful and the birds and bugs will be here in full force.

Happy Spring to you all.

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