Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today we headed off to MOPS. Let me just say that it was such a great experience. Allison had no problem adjusting to me leaving her in the child care (Scotty was with mommy the whole time), she didn't even cry and when I came back to get her, 2 hours later, she was so happy to see me. Next time I will stick her in the 3 year class, I think she will like that much better. I loved meeting all the people and talking with other moms. It is such a relief to hear other moms going through the same things I am.

Todays topic was finance and the guest speaker was very informative. It was nice to know that Scott and I have successfully prepared for the future and the future of our kids. It is such a great feeling.

Also, a lady that was sitting at our "new moms" table, got up and spoke about a very life threatening illness that she was diagnosed with last year. Through prayer and God she was healed and is now doing very well and has virtually no pain. It is amazing to hear women tell their stories of healing and who have such a great relationship with God.

I only wish I had this type of support group when my sister fell ill last year. I wish we all could have prayed for her. Things would have turned out the same way, I'm sure, but at least I could have some comfort in knowing.......

I really don't know how to finish that.

At least not yet.

Well I am tired from such a busy day. I am going to read for a while then hit the hay. Have a great evening.

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