Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost Friday

With the weather being horrible, we have spent a lot of time inside trying to come up with some creative ways to not kill each other.
Mom, we're bored!!!!

Allison has started reading on the potty while doing her business after dad said that's what he does.

Scotty has been trying some new foods like yogurt and cottage cheese. He loves the stuff. And if that wasn't enough he got his 2 bottom teeth over the weekend, now he's ready for some steak...hahaha!


Grandma Carol was in town, from Alaska and came by for a visit. Allison had so much fun and we loved having her over to catch up since we don't see her very often. It really is nice to see family and enjoying their company.

To pass the time we gave Scotty a beer. (not really he was teething and liked the cold can on his gums.)

Big out the ball pit when all else fails.

Put Christmas bows on the baby and see how long it takes him to get them off. This provided about 20 minutes of entertainment.

And last, the silly hats. You have to have silly hats to make everyone giggle. It breaks up the boredom when you put on silly hats and dance.

have a great evening.

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