Monday, March 14, 2011

In Sickness and In Health...

Ok I know the above title is used for weddings, but it really has hit home with the whole kid thing too.
Allison has been fighting a virus for a few weeks, high fevers for a few days, then a week of nothing.....
Then the whole thing culminated this weekend. (TMI bit here)

POOP, more like runny clay, just gross. And a lot of it. We had to switch to diapers it was so bad. On one hand you feel really bad because her tummy is hurting and she really can't do anything about it and the other is thinking this is SO gross what was I thinking having kids.
And to top it off we had throw up added to the mix the next day. At bed time on Thursday, after and exhausting day of non stop runny poop, we laid down in bed to just cuddle because I was so worried about her. She got this look on her face, then a valcano of elbow macaroni and strawberries comes spewing out.
It was everywhere and we now have a really great pink trail to the bathroom on our white carpet.
Whoever thinks white carpet is a good idea with kids is dead wrong, I was dead wrong, kids are messy and spill/drop everything and accidents always, ALWAYS happen. I can't wait for hard wood.

Any way, she also had strep throat to go along with everything else. She has now been on antibiotics for 4 days and is feeling so much better.
She is getting back to her old 2 year old ways: tantrums, no naps, always saying no.

No matter what though, in sickness and in health, she is our princess and having her so sick these past few weeks have been plain hard emotionally and physically for all of us. I am so glad she is feeling better and no one else in the house better get it or I am quitting!!!!

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