Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pictures on a Tuesday

Went to a baby shower on Saturday, Allison all party ready.

The after party was fun, Scotty had his 1st beer (only kidding, it's an empty can). I got to see some of the presents up close and found a few I want to buy for the kids, a Frog Pod and a diaper bag (which I already bought and should be here tomorrow).

It's been on and off rain so we have been playing inside a lot.
Playing pretend, this is a boat and airplane and sometimes a bath.

We had a diva for dinner.

Sweatshirt hat and a couple chins.

This afternoon was nice so we headed outside for fresh air, tomorrow is 100% chance rain. Our neighbor and her kids are coming for a play date which should be fun and then the next day will be MOPS which is always a treat. I have some really fun ideas for a party or two with the other mothers that are seated at my table. When I was there last time, the speaker told us to get together outside of MOPS, it could lead to long lasting friendships and it's just playing fun. So I have been tossing a few ideas around in my head. I love entertaining and cooking and crafting and cleaning so it should be fun coming up with some themes.

Say Cheese!!!

Scotty in his silly hat.

A new hiding place in the backyard, a jungle Allison calls it. She wants to set up a blanket and chair so she can hang out back there. I always loved finding hiding place like this when I was little.

Have a wonderful evening!!1

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