Monday, May 23, 2011

Enjoying Spring

You know when you set your plump little one down in one place then go back a few minutes later to find they are now behind the tv chewing on daddy's $150 headphones it's time to baby proof again.

And if he is not on the move he wants to show off his sexy legs, I mean stand. Never mind the diaper behind him, I had to capture this precious moment before and I was being lazy.

Nowadays this is about the best picture I can get of the two of them.

He hats hats...

And as of late, we have been spending a lot of time outside, taking walks, gardening, catching polliwogs, swimming, and just hanging out.

Not much else is happening. Kids are growing faster than ever, it's hard to keep up. We have been planning a renovation to create our dream house out of our 1955 home. And I have been working on a few projects to spruce up the drab interior at minimal or no cost.
Have a great evening.

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