Monday, May 2, 2011

Quality vs. Quantity

I had a great talk with a close friend about friendships. The quality of a friendship is more important than the quantity of friends. I had to agree 100%.

While doing the dishes, after the kids were all tucked into bed, I got to thinking quality vs. quantity reflects in so many decisions Scott and I have made. For one, we have chosen not to send our kids to daycare. Instead we sacrifice luxuries, vacations, living just within our means, sometimes scraping by when times get slow at work. But this is the quality of life we want for our children, that, in my opinion, is much more important than the quantity of stuff we can amass.

A woman from MOPS had said "How do you want to be remembered? By the things you have or the things that you have done."

I took it to heart and decided that I want to be remembered for the things I have done, the quality time I spend with my family and friends making memories, is more important than quantity of stuff I can shower upon them (unless it's my vast knowledge of zombie movies or food).

Tonight just sit back and think about the quality vs. quantity in your life and what sacrifices your willing to make to get the quality of life you want.

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