Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011 & Other Tidbits

Well I have to say that Allison and I are very similar in our picture taking abilities. As you can see I have a knack for taking really great pictures of the top of Scotty's head.

Allison is just as good, if not better, since she got a hint of brow in there.

Allison finally got her wish. It was just warm enough for us to break out the kiddie pool and have a dip. She was SUPER excited

Funny face picture, I don't think Scotty thought it was very funny.

He made up for it here. If you look closely you can see his new teeth.

Why the surprised look???

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe. The quiet is music to my ears...

Happy Easter 2011!!!

We ended up having 3 egg hunts. It was Allison's first Easter where she actually got the whole idea of finding the hidden eggs. She had a blast.
The first one was on Saturday night at Helen & Lance's. She had such a great time hanging out with her friend Arianna and loading up on sugar and ice cream cake. She crashed as soon as we got home, but only after we wrestled her into her jammies.

The next morning we weren't going to hide eggs until all the Grandparents arrived, but Allison slept later then normal so I hid a few around the house for her to find.
One rule, bunny ears are worn by all parties who find the eggs at our house.

Later when all Grandparents arrived, we had them hide the eggs in the backyard and garden while Allison and I waited in the house. That was a fun hunt. Eggs were everywhere. All of them full of delicious jelly beans. She found every one with the help of Daddy.

And for those of you worried that Scotty wasn't getting enough Easter coverage. Rest assured that he was happily sitting in the side lines with Mama making cutesy faces at everyone and everything that passed by.

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