Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up

I have a funny movie of Allison falling over. As it happens babies fall down all the time trying to do some creative movements or attempting to turn around in some cool fashion like Allison was doing. Don't worry, she wasn't hurt and she never cried once.
Prepare yourselves for the funniest movie ever to be filmed
"Why her name isn't Grace" Starring Allison.

She actually got stuck under the toy and couldn't get up. I did have to turn off the camera to help her up, but you don't see that on the film. I couldn't figure out how to hold the camera and pick her up at the same time,otherwise would have seen some awesome mommy heroics going on. I was like the Greatest American Mommy.

Some other amusing pictures I have taken lately which I find rather funny. I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful weekend, I am out of here, well at least until Friday afternoon.

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