Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Baby Pics

More pictures of the kids is all I have. Nothing exciting is happening. Had a doctors appointment today and am cleared for exercise and lifting so I am gearing up to lose about 20 lbs baby gain. I have already lost about 20lbs so the last 20 doesn't seem so bad.

Since I am breast feeding I am just changing the types of foods I am eating, more nutritious stuff and less of the yummy junk I ate throughout the pregnancy. By next year I should be back to my old self again.

Allison just had to have a "squishy" like her brother

She just can't resist laying down next to him no matter where we set him down, she is right by his side.

Showing him her bibidi bobidi boo wand she got from our neighbors, it glows in the dark.

Singing us a little song and hamming it up a bit

He is all cheeks and chin, all 8 pounds of my squishy baby, nom nom nom

A little less yellow now, jaundice is going away

Always sleeping, that's a good thing

Have a wonderful day!!!

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