Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Much to Say...

As if life couldn't get anymore hectic.
Scott has finally been witness to the amount of time it takes to get 2 kids and 2 adults ready to go anywhere. It was pretty quick though, about an hour & a half. It usually takes me about 2 plus hours to get everyone out the door.

We had a great weekend, rainy and cold (on Sunday); yet relaxing and unproductive. I like those kids of weekends...LAZY.

I found some old pictures from about 2 years ago, maybe longer, of Allison, Scott and I.
Scott, probably 2 plus years ago, not much haas changed except face hair style.

Me about 2 plus years ago, amazing how much life catches up to you, my hair is now much lighter (from the onset of grey)

I just couldn't beleive how much Allison and Scotty look alike (the same jammies even, gotta love hand me downs).

The top is Allison about 3 months old, bottom Scotty about 1 month old, (actually taken last night)

We also ventured to the pumpkin patch on Saturday (it was about 80 degrees and sunny). We ended up going to the FFA run pumpkin patch to support our local high schools Future Farmers of America. For some reason Allison is obsessed with pumpkins, she had a blast looking and touching all the giant squashes and pointing out all the squishy ones.

Hope all of you had a wonderful wekend, I am off to take a quick nap before the kiddies wake up.

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