Monday, April 4, 2011

The Start of Spring Cleaning

Well today kicked off Spring Cleaning. I really enjoy spring cleaning. Everything gets refreshed after being closed up all winter. To me, it is fun to clear out, dust off, and freshen up.

With two kids, who want to play outside when the weather is nice, it really is difficult to get everything done I would like to so I had to come up with a plan. I assign a room each day and list all the things I want to get done in that area for the day. Like today, It was living/dining rooms. So on top of the normal chores, like vacuuming and straightening up, I added organizing movies, games, toys; dusting ceiling fans and appliances, washing windows, clean fireplace, organize appointments and activities, etc.
I go around and do this for each room. I also add a few projects that I want to complete in each area (in the living room I added painting a few pieces of furniture) which I will complete if I have any extra time. On the given day I stick only to the room on the list and by the end of the week all the spring cleaning is done and the house is organized and fresh again.
Also, the work is done before lunch time so I can spend the afternoon playing with the kids and having a picnic.

last years garden, can't wait for home grown tomatoes.

I am SO ready for spring and summer. Spending my days outside playing and gardening and grilling sounds like a great time to me.

I'm off to plan tomorrows activities, have a great evening.

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