Monday, April 11, 2011

Too Lazy

Right now I am being lazy. I have about a zillion pictures of the goings on around here yet I have no motivation to load the pictures onto the computer, edit and post them right now. I know you all would really like some new content and adorable pics, so check back tomorrow.

I also have a great little garden site that I started a while ago. Not much there right now, but it is planting season and I really have the bug to do a lot of yard improvements this season. I also went crazy taking pictures of the flora around here so those will be posted over there soon. Check it out, and please leave comments. I really am a novice gardener and could use all the help I can get.

A quick note, Scotty got to meet Great Grandpa today. Grandpa will only be here for a short visit then back to Texas, so it was great that he got to see him (I have pictures of this too, LAZY). Allison had a great time showing off and loved Grandmas room, she kept calling it her room.

Have a great evening I will have more tomorrow so be ready for a long picture laden post.

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