Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fondue Forks, Bamboo Skewers...Sharp Pokey Things

Allison is tall enough to reach the drawer that holds the silverware. She can open the drawer, dig her little chub hands in and pull out various forks, spoons and cheater chopsticks.

I knew she had found the pointy things that I had hidden under drink stirrers and real chopsticks so I changed the hiding spot to the back of the drawer (clever, I know). I didn't relize she was just as clever in finding hiding spots until I was putting groceries and dishes away (multitasking at its finest) this morning. I was putting some plates away and noticed she got out a few spoons, how cute. I turned around to put some things in the fridge and... OH MY GOD...she just poked me in the butt with a fondue fork. Lucky for me I was wearing jeans and have flabby mom butt so no injury, thank God. I laughed for a while after that and thought about where I am going to hide those darn fondue forks now.

A safety deposit box buried outside???

The bamboo skewers were never a problem until after lunch today. Usually she just moves them aside and pulls out the cheater chopsticks to pinch things with. But today a little evil glint was in her eye while I was doing the dishes.
"Mommy is not paying attention to me I must make her. Look at me mom, see what I am doing, see what I am going to do to your foot?"
That had to be going through her head when she stabbed me in the big toe with a skewer and started laughing when I screamed OUCH!!!.

That evil little...ooowwww, my toe hurts, no blood...good.

Those things are going in the trash.

Two new rules are now in place at our house:

1. Mommy is not a pin cushion.

2. Pointy things are now banned from this house.

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