Monday, February 8, 2010

Hi, I am the one who is supposed to update this blog

Well I have been sleeping on the couch for the past 6 days and really haven't moved much except to turn over and maybe get up to go to the bathroom.
Allison has been surprisingly comfortable with the whole couch potato thing, but only if we can watch "moon moon" over and over and read all of her favorite books; neenee (Fancy Nancy), search & find, a picture book and the various book pages she has torn out.

Today I feel so much better, morning sickness is horrible. I never had it with Allison so I think this is payback, I mean I actually barfed today, but I feel much better.
We took a walk after my incident and then proceeded to stuff myself with carbs; potatoes, pita chips and a chicken taco when we got back.

In other news Allison is just getting cuter and cuter every day.

Have a wonderful day!

Update on Holly

They moved her to the ICU last night with low blood pressure. As of this morning it has gotten better but she has another infection, this time in her lungs, possibly pnuemonia. My Mom is going to call me tonight after they get back from the hospital and let me know how she is doing.
Please keep praying for her health and well being.

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