Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Allison + One = Four

This time tomorrow I will be relaxing(???)in the hospital with my new baby boy. I am scheduled for an early morning repeat c-section. The hospital will call to comfirm the surgery time and I have to arrive 2 hours before. Right now I am schedule for the 8:30am slot, but it could be moved to 7:30am which means leaving the house by 5am. So much for sleeping in.
You never get to sleep at the hospital. The nurses are checking you every 2 hours, the baby eats and poops every 2 hours and when you do finally fall asleep, here comes one of the doctors or lunch or housekeeping or another nurse just to see how you are doing.
The only time you do get to fully recover is when your home. Comfortable in your own home surrounded with the people you love.

I am really nervous this time, though. With Allison it was an emergency c-section. My hormones had a chance to tell the body, "hey, here comes a baby, you better get ready." This time I am not going into labor, at least I haven't yet, so I am curious how my body will react once baby is in my arms, wanting to nurse. Will my body know what to do without that signal from the brain, that it's go time??? We will find out.

I am so blessed to be a mom again.
I can't wait to show you all what baby Scott looks like.

Allison is in for a BIG surprise when someone new is at our house that cries more than she does.
Can you top this baby brother???

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