Monday, September 20, 2010

39 Weeks & Reverting Back to Baby

Well this week is it.
39 weeks.
Scott jr. is coming into the world in a few days.
I have my pre-op appointment today. I am nervous, excited and so happy that we finally get to see him, hold him, hear his cries, cuddle him, see his smile.

Allison knows something is up so she has been acting out of sorts lately. I thought maybe her molars coming in were affecting her mood, but it turns out she still wants to be baby.
She wants to eat in her high chair again, even though she has been in her booster for over a year.

And yesterday we found her in her room doing this...

The signs are there, she doesn't want to grow up yet. I don't blame her it's fun being a kid and I don't expect her to grow up, she is still my baby.

But how can this little princess be jelous of her brother already??? I know she is going to be a great sister and very helpful.

It will take sometime to get used to all the new things that are going to happen. We all have to adjust, but we can do it. And I know Allison will just love her brother to pieces once she realises all he is going to do in the first few months is cry and poop.

Allison you don't have to worry, Mommy will still play dress up with you. And cuddle you. And sit through Backyardigans season 3 for the hundredth time.
I love you little princess.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will have a pre-op update tomorrow, my appointment is in the late afternoon, then I have to go grocery shopping and cook dinner. Just another day in the life of a stay at home mom, GLAMOROUS, I know and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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