Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 To Do List

I have compiled a list of things I want to accomplish, get better at, learn to do, and start. Kind of like a year long to do list.

A few of these are easier than others. Some I have to constantly remind myself of and others are improvements on myself and family things.

I want to start baking all goodies from scratch, including bread. Which I have started, the bread was gone in 2 days. We all loved it including Allison who is anti bread. I will continue to do since she loves to help measure and punch down the dough and it takes up an afternoon when things get a little slow around here and boredom creeps in. Once all the Christmas goodies are gone I will start baking cookies and such.
Another reason is we are trying to get away from overly processed foods. Of course a lot of the foods I will be making will not be low fat or healthy, but I know what is in it and I have a feeling when something is made from good quality ingredients, less is needed fill you up.

A few other to do's are house related, painting, making it a warm & cozy, relaxing place, decorate for the seasons, organize closets and stick to housework schedule.

Gardening to do's are planting a veggie garden in summer and plan a winter garden, start a flower garden, make an awesome backyard for th kids with playhouse, swing set or pool, remove some plants in the front and replace with shade plants.

Family and personal to do's: lose the baby weight, exercise more often, have a Sunday Dinner, take the kids on a field trip once a month, have more family time, talk with Scott more, start crafting, always bring hostess gift/cookies/bread, join MOPS, track spending for the year, and pray more often.

These are all things that know I can get done because they are things in my life that are important to me and good for my family.

I hope all of you have set attainable goals and succeed making 2011 a wonderful and fulfilling year.

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