Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Did Have Something for Today

I had a really cute movie to post today, but it FAILED. GOD!!!! With the new internet that is 3 times faster than what we had I figured we could get some movies posted. I will post it tomorrow.

After the day I had, involving a big sister climbing into her baby brother's crib while he was playing with his mobile and rolling him over onto his tummy, covering him with his blanket and kicking him into the corner of the crib, I think I will curl up with my book (Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell) and have a beer.

Have a wonderful evening.

A picture of the Devil herself

and her sweet little brother

P.S. every one is ok, Scotty doesn't even have a bruise. But for some reason everytime Allison comes into the room he starts screaming... I wonder why????

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