Wednesday, January 19, 2011

4 Month Appointment

Scotty had his 4 month appointment today. Instead of going into all that stuff that happens at 4 months, I will tell you that he is average, 13 lbs and some ounces, 25% for height, he will be average - not a giant - and he is proportionate, oh and perfectly healthy.
I really know how to grow 'em.

It also marks the ever lovin' start of baby food. Rice cereal (which he is NOT a fan of), non citrus fruits and veggies. With the way he devours boob milk, food will be no problem.
Now he is not jumping into full meals here, just a taste here and there to get him used to using a spoon and accustomed to the texture and making sure we try something new once a week for allergy symptoms. This will be fun, I always love this part since I love food SO much, I am hoping he will too.

Allison did very well. She kept reassuring the Dr. that she was NOT there to get shots, but Scotty was. She got 2 stickers for being an awesome sister and told the Dr. that she has been using her potty.
In the last 2 weeks Allison has been successfully potty trained. She was ready. She knew that if she used it she would get treats (6 M&M's - one of each color - for pee, and 2 of each color for poop) worked like a charm. She now goes poop and pee in the little potty. Now it's time to switch to the big potty.
Once I get the tiny toilet seat and princess panties (her "prize" for using the big potty) then we can work on that. Until them she will use her little potty.

Oh, and one last thing, we get to start "training" Scotty to sleep through the night. I we are successful like we were with Allison, then you will see one happy and well rested mommy who can actually take a shower everyday and maybe wear something besides jeans and a tee shirt and maybe throw on some makeup. And maybe start exercising again.
BUT that all depends on how this "training" will go. Wish us luck!!!

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