Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keep on Truckin'

I skipped breakfast this morning and it was a very bad idea. I am starving and want to eat everything in sight but, I have to keep on truckin' along and not dwell on the fact that I am STARVING.
So while I am waiting for lunch time to roll around here are a few things I am doing to keep me occupied to stay on track and not binge.
*I am cooking two days worth of food for me so I won't be caught off gaurd again.(I haven't even nibbled on any of the food, if you can believe it)
*I keep running back into the room and looking at my skinny clothes
*check on Allison every 5 minutes to see if she is awake yet
*ordered her birthday invitations
*played online
*got out my air popper for popcorn later this afternoon...yummy
*got chicken in the crockpot for tonight
*watered the garden
*read a past issue of Weight Watchers Magazine, I find these are very helpful for motivation & recipes. I also like the fact that they have weight loss stories from real people, it really helps me to focus on the goals I have set for myself.
Keeping busy is great cause I get lots done...Miss Munchkin just woke up so I got to make this short.
I have been busy working on her birthday stuff. I have decided to make the cupcakes myself, so we are going to Michael's tomorrow for the supplies and to pick up the glitter and marabou for the banner. As I have said before, I ordered the invitations and as soon as I get them they are going out in the mail. Then all I have to do is make the grocery list, get the rest of the decorations and finish the banner, cupcake stand and clean the back yard.
Have a wonderful day!!!

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