Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend In Pictures

Scott finally had 2 days off this weekend so we played and got alot of housey things done. I finally got straw for my garden and just got finished spreading it around, I started at 10 mins to 7. Early morning stuff since it will be 105 today. Alot of self feeding went on this weekend also, Allsion had alot of fun trying to use a spoon and ended up just using her hands and semaring food all over her face

She also discovered a fun loving companion, little baby in the mirror, she has seen her before but she never really understood how great mirror baby was until this weekend.(sorry it's so dark) .

Then it was bathtime. I was a little tired after a hard day of goofing off so I didn't do the dishes, just rinsed them & put them in the sink, but she found them and wanted to wash them for me. What a great helper.

On Sunday we play Rock Band 2. Really fun, like always Allison wanted to sing. But then she discovered the guitars and thought that might look fun, too. We have such a gifted child, full of talent. The next American Idol. What do you think?

After all that playing we had dinner where she rubbed sausage in her hair, must be some new fashion thing, and then Allison and Daddy fought for the camera spotlight.

I definetly love weekends like this. Hope all of you had a great weekend and enjoy the wonderful day.

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