Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alive But Just Barely

We are very much alive or should I say surviving. We all have cold. We three are just a bunch of snot filled whiny people right now.
Allison doesn't seem so phased by being sick, she runs around and eats and plays like normal but bubbly mucus flows from her red snot encrusted nose constantly. I can't believe it. It is gross but any mom knows that you just wipe it with whatever is around be it the tissue crumpled in your pocket, the sleeve of your blouse, dads necktie or the neighbors cat, if it is within reach it is fair game.

I am going to go lay down now and let my snot and drool mingle while I sleep off this cold. I hope all of you are well and surviving this holiday season so far. I do have a ton of photos to post, maybe tomorrow, we'll see how I am feeling.
Good Night & God Bless!

I couldn't's one to tide you over

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