Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankgiving 2009

We had a bunch of fun on Thanksgiving. Of course we all ate too much. I actually had 2 servings of homemade macaroni & cheese and my stomach just popped, then I had some pie to top it off because I can't resist chocolate cream pie. It reminds me of a Homerun Pie.

I put up the tree and wrapped a few presents the day after and Allison just fell in love with the lights and ornaments.

She actually stole a present from under the tree and took it into the hallway to try and open it. She can hardly wait. This year is going to be so fun.

We took a few holiday pictures this weekend as well. She got to dress up in some fancy dresses and get her picture taken. She never sat still long enough for a decent picture so I always take some candid shots. I just love this dress.

She has been trying to take her clothes off. She got her head stuck in her shirt. She finally wiggled her head out and pulled the whole thing off. I did catch her tugging at her pants. In no time I am going to have a nudist running around.

I was getting a new table out of storage and had moved the chairs away from the table. I was putting some stuff in the kitchen and found my darling monkey standing in the middle of the table looking out the window.

Allison & Mommy

Allison & Daddy

Just for some cuteness (wait till you see our christmas cards they are adorable)

I see you...

Hope all of you had a great holiday.

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