Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

On Friday Allison & I carved up some terrifing pumpkins. She was a super big help. She sat in the pumpkin guts and squished it in her toes and then walked across the floor sliding and falling down all the way to the white carpet where I grabbed her with pumpkin covered hands and left orange hand prints on her white I said BIG HELP!!

We also decorated a bit outside. We put up this spooky witch and some spider webs. We didn't need much since the overall ambiance of the house is already spooky.

Scary pumpkins huh? I butchered them myself.

Allison was a sock monkey. Probably the most adorable thing in the whole world and the only one I saw. I am all about original costumes and she had the best one.

Grandma & Allison

Family photo - daddy only wore the mohawk for the pictures...he didn't dress up

Me & Allison

We went over to show Allison off to my Aunt & Uncle (Hi, Lisa & Jeff). Allison had a great time. Lisa, Allison and I trick or treated at a couple of there neighbors houses. She got some good candy.

This is Lisa and Allison playing with the smoke machine

Here's Allison relaxing and playing with the ceiling fan

"I love ceiling fan..."

The next day she checked her loot

Tasted some loot

Then proceeded to eat the loot

It was a great Halloween, I can't wait for next year!!!!

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