Friday, January 15, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Well, I thought since it is a new year I would stop lurking at all the "Show Us Your Life" entries and start posting some things.

As far as diet and exercise goes, the only exercise I get now is chasing the "One Who Only Runs...Everywhere" and my diet is anything I can stuff in my mouth between housework and chasing her around keeping her out of everything I just put away.

Here she is, the hummingbird in action

Seriously though, I am not trying to lose any weight this year. I am trying to get healthier. We are trying to have another baby soon so I have put the diet on hold and just started eating better. Stuff like oatmeal in the morning, salad or sandwich at lunch and dinner is usually chicken and a grain and veggie. A pretty basic diet of nutritious foods, less sugar and more water.

Exercise is something I dislike yet I still do it so I can keep my energy levels up. I walk, dance (which I love, ballet or jazz, put on some music and off I go, Allison also loves to join in but only to Stevie Wonders "I Wish"), I also do some stretching and some core exercises. Nothing to exhausting and always something fun.

Hey, if you are a new reader please leave me a comment I would love to hear from you, I love reading blogs so leave me a link and I will check it out.

Everyone have a wonderful evening and a great weekend!!!

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