Saturday, January 2, 2010

Major Meltdown

My original post was going to be a gleeful one, listing my goals and the fun stuff that is going on here but I had a major meltdown at Suzie Homemaker v2.0, lost a bunch of stuff and got frustrated when I couldn't get the dang thing to work and found out it got corrupted somehow, I told her not to hang out with those hooligan blogs, but they never listen.

Anyway I have been working all afternoon to get things back up and running. So now you are reading it here at our new address The Hippies has a much better ring to it, don't you think???
Even though we are not hippies in any way. Actually the complete oppisite of hippy. But it sounds cute.

I have to say I have done a pretty great job.

In addition to recreating Suzie Homemaker, excuse me, The Hippies Cancello, in a fresh new design thanks to Izzie Grace blog backgrounds, I have created a great new recipe blog Cancello's Kitchen
I am excited to share the wonderful things I cook up for my family. Not just the food but also the family life that revolves around the heart of the kitchen table. I hope you enjoy reading it and please leave comments if you try any recipes, I love feedback.

I will be back on schedule with more Allison pictures on Monday. Right now I am going to sleep, I have to go to Costco tomorrow, I need my beauty rest.
Good Night.

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