Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Play Day

We attended play group today. After almost 2 months of nothing it was nice to get together with the ladies and talk. There were a few new members that joined us today, they were really sweet ladies. Allison had a great time playing with all the boys. She is the only girl in the bunch, so she will have a few boyfriend options when she's older...hahaha.
All the babies were so cute and they all got along very well, no crying, hitting or biting. They just shared the toys and tried to feed each other there snacks, just too cute.
We are now starting to rotate houses and I am looking forward to hostessing here. We do have a small house but with a little reagranging we will have enough space for everyone to romp around.
I am going to try and plan a few activities for the kids to do and music for them to dance to if they want to or just let Allison show the other babies how to destroy everything. Either way is fine with me.

I have also thought about joining another group. It's called Mom2Mom and is a faith based study group at our local community church. It's free, which I like the sound of and it would be nice to have a better support group then just a social group.
Mom2Mom kind of fits with some of my goals for 2010 so we'll see what happens.

So enough about the socializing mommy stuff, here's Allison.

Hey I think I an fit in here,

Wait, I almost got it...

Mommy I falled out

(she wasn't hurt, only crying cause mommy was looking)

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