Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Shoes Required

Well, where to begin. A storm hit us on Sunday and hasn't let up. Today there are gusts of wind up to 40 mph and tomorrow the gusts are going to be 50 to 60 mph, can you believe it??? And it has been raining non stop.
ut I don't care. Allison and I went to play date today and she had a blast, as always. She did however, try and throw some balls in the pack & play with a 2 month old and she fought a little boy for a toy vacuum, oh, and she kept getting in the cupboards and throwing pot lids on the ground, but other than that she had fun.

Tomorrow I was hoping we didn't have to leave the house on account of the weather but Allison has her 18 month appointment. So we have to bundle up and brace the storm.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping. On the way home my backseat passanger decided that she didn't like the shoes ans socks idea and pulled them off. I turned around to look at her and she was playing with her toes. I was cracking up so when we got home I took a few pictures

I thought I would throw these in because I htought it was funny. We put Allison down for a nap the other day. She was playing and laughing and I thought she was playing with her cat and elephany.
Well I went to check on her and she had taken her jammies off. The are the zip up feetsie type that have a button thing that covers the zipper. She somehow managed to get that undone and unzip the thing. This is how I found her, trying to pull her feet out of them.

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