Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fashion Advice From a 2 Year Old

Well Allison has decided to give us some fashion advice for 2010 summer, get ready for a great line up of what's to come.

"In my search for something to wear this summer I had to think pretty hard."

"After a bit of thinking I found some inspiration in my favorite movie Cinderella, the beach and my own ideas."

First up is my very own original design, 2 sunglasses. It keeps out twice the sun and looks great while wearing jammies.

Next up, a Cinderella inspired fashion. The summer princess look, high heels, 2 magic wands and no shirt...really classy this time of year.

Last I have a beach inspired outfit I picked out all by myself. A one piece bathing suit paired with ruffle socks and tennis shoes. I added some accessories that complimented it, a Party Girl purse and sunglasses. Absolute Genius, if I say so myself.

I hope you enjoyed this Summer fashion 2010 preview.

Oh, by the way, we go find out what new baby is today. I will let everyone know when the baby shower is over, since we are having a gender reveal party.

Have a great day!!!

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