Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Leftovers

The rest of Mother's Day was great. We took Allison to the elementary school to play on the slides & swings. She had a blast going down the big kid spiral slide.

Then we moved on to the kindergarten side of the playground where everything is more her size and let her have free run of the place.

She goes down the slide all by herself,

and she can finally ride the big kids swing (with help).

Here are the tomatoes all staked and ready to go. You can see all my little sprouts are starting to come up. Little Miss Allison keeps stomping them so I have to keep her out of there until they get bigger.

Scott also helped me plant the lemon tree. As you can see, the side yard where I put it is a little dead and full of weeds but in my last post I mentioned the yellow garden idea which I am planning on planting later this summer and finish up next year. It is a big project and with new baby arriving in September I don't think I will have it done this year since my nesting syndrome has already started and I am obsessed with keeping the house clean and organizing everything including the laundry room in the garage.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day, mine was awesome. How was yours???

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