Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday. We had lunch at Applebee's for Scott's birthday and just included Mother's Day in the mix since we didn't want to deal with the crowds.
I took these pictures before we left because I knew those dog ears wouldn't last past lunch (I had to put them back in about 3 times).

Afterwards we went to Gloria's and Scott helped her with some yard work while Allison rode her bike, drove the Snapper with daddy, gave Elvis dog treats and tried to drive the Snapper herself. She was a busy girl yesterday.

Today went went to Osh and picked up some potting soil, stretch tape, and a pitch fork. I got my lemon tree planted, my tomatoes staked and the compost turned. The yard is looking great. I finally found a garden design from Better Homes and Gardens . I chose the yellow garden idea since I have the lemon tree and I love yellow flowers. It is going to make the back yard look so nice since we don't have any flowers out there, just alot of green. I can hardly wait.

I hope all of you are have a wonderful Mother's Day.

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