Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Weekend We...

were super busy. On Friday Scott had to work out of town and wasn't getting home till late so Allison and I had a girls day.

We made some foccacia bread...

I love baking and I guess it runs in the blood because Allison is a natural, as you can see.

We went swimming...

Watched Cinderella while playing dress up...

We had a blast.

On Saturday our beloved Xbox broke, so we had to go buy a new one. We got an upgraded model in black with a 120 gig hard drive. We love it. Now all we need is to replace our Game Cube with a Wii and we will be set.

Sunday, can you guess where we went??? Costco !!

I got this really great self sufficient book, it's called "Natural Living The 21st Century Guide to a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle". It is pack with so much info on everything from gardening, to canning and preserving, to keeping bees, to raising livestock and butchering it. It is a great refrence guide when I need some info on one of the many projects I want to start to make our lives more self sufficient.

When Monday morning rolled around it was so hard to get up because it felt like we never had a day off. But this week I have a ton to do so I will just keep rolling with the punches.

Today Allison and I worked out in the back yard for a couple of hours and cleared the patio. Later this afternoon we are going to plant a few basil plants and some kind of ornimental grass, maybe weed a bit and work in the garden...as long as the rain holds off.

I have also been working in the kitchen, cleaning out cupboards and drawers, getting rid of things and tossing others. It is looking 100% better...I just love a clean kitchen. The bathroom is next, then the bedrooms and last the closets. I might be done by next week if I am lucky.

I hope all of you had a great weekend and are keeping busy this week.

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