Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Semi-Retired by 37???

On a weekly basis Scott & I have discussions about getting our debts paid off. We walk in the park and talk about when we have the house paid off, which, if all goes well should be in about 5 years. We sit and talk about our investment returns and making the house work for our growing family.

We have a 3 bedroom house; one room for us, one for Allison & Scott's office, there is only one bathroom and we have another baby on the way. If it's a girl then the girls will share a room but if it's a boy we are going to have to make some changes to Scott's office. Either way our cozy house is just perfect for us. We don't need to have a brand new house with all the new fangled gizmos and gadgets. We have made our home here and we are very happy with it, the location, the school district, the town we live in, the family nearby, the yard (1/3 of an acre), the garden...pretty much everything. A very sound investment for a couple of 21 year olds first house (that's when we bought it).

We have also discussed the homesteading thing, since I am such a nature girl...well becoming one anyway. Now, we are not going out to buy a piece of property and start living off the grid, we are staying put but, we are going to start doing things like, canning our garden leftovers, maybe raise a few chickens for eggs, grow a fruit tree or two. Kinda becoming self sufficient, in a way. Relying less on the major retailers and focus on creating a healthy & (I hate using this word but) more "green" living space for the family.

We beleive it will cut out cost of living down to around $1000 a month, after the house is paid off and a few other debts are paid.

So in 5 years Scott will be semi retired at the young age of 37 how is that for retirement planning???

We are counting down the days.

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