Friday, May 21, 2010

My Hometown

Today Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life Hometown addition. I thought it would be fun to show people my hometown of Chico, CA.

Greetings From Chico

It is a great place to live. Our house is centrally located about 10 minutes away from everything. Even Chico State University, which was voted best party school around the time my aunt attended which was back in the 80's. It has since mellowed out here.

We have a great line up of things to do all year long. There are concerts in the park, which takes place in the city plaza, there is a farmers market everyday of the week through the summer and a year round one every Saturday, downtown. Through the year there are several events like the Chico Palio,
picture from the Palio

Slice of Chico which is a watermelon festival with free watermelon and Taste of Chico where local restaurants have food samples and local breweries have beer samples, yummy!!! - all fun, great for everyone.

Speaking of local breweries we are home to Sierra Nevada Brewery. You know the makers of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It is a beautiful brewery with a great restaurant. They offer a tasting of all their beers at the restaurant so you can sip several different kinds of brews - pretty tasty.

It is also home to Bidwell Park. They filmed the original Robin Hood movie, starring Errol Flynn, there...pretty neat.

Last year they hosted their first Thrill the World which was a fun event. Gloria and her friend participated. I was going to do it this year with Allison but I am going to have a brand new baby so I don't think dancing in the plaza with a bunch of other zombies is going to work out, maybe next year.

Thrill the World 2009

There are also several events throughout the year like the Chico Wildflower and the Fall flower, both popular bike races, the local theaters put on great productions like Rent, Rocky Horror Picture Show and a new one starting this year called Evil Dead the Musical...that should be fun.
There are great restaurants, breweries and wineries around town and in outlying areas.
Nothing is to far to get to, life is a little more relaxed and peaceful here.
It is a great place to raise a family.

If you are ever in Northern California definity check out Chico, there is always something to do.

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  1. Love Chico! I live in Texas now, but am from Danville (East Bay) and always rock my Sierra Nevadad sweatshirt (during the winter of course, because it's like 90 and 90% humidity here right now, lol) Have a great weekend!