Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Diaper Bag Dilemma

The question every mom, new and experienced, has is...What do I pack in my diaper bag???

I have 2 different diaper bags for different occasions.

The first bag I carry daily in the car is the "mega bag". It carries everything I need for 2 kids for an extended period of time. To this bag I will add some snacks, water and maybe a toy or two before we leave.

My "mega bag" carries the following:
-Changing pad
-diapers 2 for Allison and about a dozen for Scotty
-face wipes (love these, by Johnson & Johnson, they smell fresh and are great to stash in the bag for quick face clean up and hand washing after the park)
-sunblock a must
-an extra onsie in a few sizes to big so I won't be caught with a newborn onsie when Scotty is 9 months old
-burp cloth
-disposable scented bags for those really smelly diapers
-hand sanitizer
-baby powder

The next bag I have is the one we take on walks to the park and around the neighborhood. This is a back pack in case I have to carry it around, like into a store or bathroom.
This one is similar to the above but much less stuff, since we are only gone a couple of hours.
Here's what's tucked inside (along with snacks or picnic lunch, cell phone, Ipod and water)

-blanket (for changing pad or shade maker)
-sun hats
-sun screen
-paper & pen
-first aid kit (band aids, alcohol swabs, cotton balls, floss)
-water proof table cloth to sit on if the grass is wet
-pocket knife

I hope this gives you some starting point of what to pack. Who knows you may pack a few of these things yourself or none at all but, whatever you decide to carry in your diaper bag just remember always...ALWAYS carry extra diapers, more than you think you will need plus a few more. The day you either pack too few or forget the diaper bag all together is the day they decide to poop every 10 minutes.

Have a wonderful day.

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