Monday, December 13, 2010


Nothing very exciting has been going on here.
We have been trying to get Scotty on a sleep schedule and slowly moving him into his bedroom. So far it hasn't been working out so well, but we just started and "they" say it takes about 7 days to get into a new habit. So we will keep trying.

For some reason Allison has been refusing to take her naps. I put her down same time every day and let her play in her room or sleep, her choice. But she can't come out till nap time is over, usually an hour. And since I stagger the nap times mommy has been missing out on a precious nap.
Still, even when she is a little monster, from lack of sleep, she is still so darn cute.

Other things happening around here.
Allison stole a cookie one morning when she got up and took a bite then put it back, just like her daddy. And before you say maybe it was her dad, let me tell you, she came out into the living room and showed me what was in her mouth. A half chewed sugar cookie with extra sprinkles then gave me a smile and asked if she could have a cookie.

This weekend we are so busy with party after party so this week I am getting the house cleaned, food prepped, and decorating finished.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

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